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  1. Strategic Account Manager: Marketing, Planificación Estratégica at Proto-Tech System

    Proto-Tech System

    Antonio Navarro Palacios
    Antonio Navarro Palacios
    Responsable de PROTOTIPOS de deformación en frio (prototipos en Chapa). Especialista en matriceria (troquelería)

    Gerardo has been learning how to help companies from all sizes and sector, motivating entrepreneurs to open their mind to new opportunities, work hard and achieve big results. Gerardo works restlessness, keeps the pace with a very demanding teams, and our Commercial Team in Proto-Tech System is an example. He is an excellent professional and trainer, dedicated to empower…more

    November 9, 2012, Antonio worked directly with Gerardo at Proto-Tech System

    Xavier F.
    Xavier F.
    TORO Engineering Design

    Gerardo is a results-oriented professional who make things happen in every profitable manner. He has been proven in different atmospheres within collaborative business networks with efficient achievements. I hardly recommend his work in the technical and business environment. He is tied to a world-class human interaction. He is an excellent consultant and vision-driven…more

    November 9, 2012, Xavier was Gerardo’s client

    Pedro José Hernandez
    Pedro José Hernandez
    Sales Director

    In Proto-Tech System, we have opted for the investment in modern machinery and the recruitment of the best staff. This is the simple formula to improve our business every day.
    We count with the Gerardo´s collaboration in our company mainly due to the urgent need to plan our growth and organize the best team in the commercial area.
    We know his motivation and hard-…more

    November 6, 2012, Pedro José was Gerardo’s client

  2. Sales Manager

    Special Cutting Tools Manufacturer

    Josep Lluis Solé Tortosa
    Josep Lluis Solé Tortosa
    Director Comercial en Industrias Metalúrgicas JEM, S.A.

    Gerardo is a very good Sales Manager, able to negotiate in any cultural environment and driven by results. He is perseverant and in front of a problem he always tries to find a solution. He does not accept that a problem may not have a solution. He emphasizes very much with the customer and he is a team-player, always taking leadership roles. It was a real pleasure to work…more

    June 26, 2011, Josep Lluis managed Gerardo at Special Cutting Tools Manufacturer

    JEM Industrias Metalurgicas

    Xavier Prat Navarro
    Xavier Prat Navarro
    Direccion Industrial en Industrias metalurgicas JEM SA

    A good sales man.
    Really organizated, he has one way to work really amazing.
    We have made together an interesting analisys of some international markets for our business.

    June 19, 2013, Xavier managed Gerardo indirectly at JEM Industrias Metalurgicas


    Alberto Garnier
    Alberto Garnier
    Commercial Director at Daher – Unigel

    “Gerardo was one of my colleagues acting in the same area at JEM Industrias Metalurgicas, but for a different business line. He is doing a great job in managing his business line. In a short time he managed to create a well performing branch. Gerardo is a great salesman and can sell anything. He is also keen on providing service to his customers this because he understands…more

    January 19, 2010, Alberto worked directly with Gerardo at Special Cutting Tools Manufacturer

  3. Freelance Consultant

    Puerto de Rotterdam. Oficina de Negocios

    ingeniero electromecanico

    Gerardo es de esa personas que al pasar por tu vida dejan su huella tanto en lo profesional como en la amistad. He leído su recomendación a mi persona y se la agradezco mucho, por destacar facetas que quizás uno no esta consciente de las mismas y no obstante son las que perciben otros seres. Gerardo ha demostrado sus capacidades en su natal Argentina, en México, en Holanda…more

    December 27, 2012, Victor was with another company when working with Gerardo at Puerto de Rotterdam. Oficina de Negocios

    Partner / Director en Transfer Mexico

    Ik ken Gerardo ongeveer 14 jaar. Als hoofd van de Nederland Business Support Office (NBSO) in Monterrey, Mexico, kreeg ik de kans om met Gerardo samen te werken, hij als toenmalig Business Consultant in Rotterdam. Zijn werkcapaciteiten en talent in ogenschouw nemend, kan ik samenwerking met Gerardo volkomen aanraden, aan iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in professionele…more

    August 6, 2012, Laura was with another company when working with Gerardo at Puerto de Rotterdam. Oficina de Negocios

    Eliana C. Rivadeneira Samaniego Eliana C. Rivadeneira Samaniego

    Senior Marketeer (SMP) at ING/ Nationale-Nederlanden

    Gerardo combineert inhoud met flair als geen ander en ik voorspel hem een toekomst waarin hij veel carriere stappen zal gaan maken. Zijn gedrevenheid, natuurlijk commercieel talent, kennis van zaken en enthousiastme zijn kenmerkend en hebben direct bijgedragen aan mijn eigen werkplezier. Het was een plezier samenwerking met Gerardo in hun businessprojecten.

    August 25, 2013, Eliana C. was with another company when working with Gerardo at Port of Rotterdam RITCA (Mexican Marketing Centre) – Argentina Embassy Office for EconomicCommercial

    Ricardo Montiel Cuamatzi Ricardo Montiel Cuamatzi

    Programación y Normativivdad en la Secretaría de Educación Pública

    “””A Gerardo lo conocí hace 15 años, con motivo de participar de una misión comercial de funcionarios municipales mexicanos a Europa, con el objetivo de promover la cooperación entre municipios europeos y mexicanos.
    Gerardo fue responsable de la organización de la misma, en el marco de la promoción los Centros de Comercio y Distribución del Puerto de Rotterdam, una propuesta del municipio de Rotterdam.
    A mi regreso seguimos trabajando en esa cooperación, especialmente desde la Ventanilla de Eurocentro Coparmex, de la cual Gerardo era su director. Desde entonces seguimos en contacto y he visto en todo este tiempo su evolución profesional.
    Me gustaría recomendar sus servicios profesionales ya que conozco su capacidad de trabajo pero sobre todo su calidad de persona.”””less

    October 11, 2013, Ricardo was Gerardo’s client

  4. Product Manager – Sales Department

    Robert Bosch

    Jose Miguel Garcia Loos
    Jose Miguel Garcia Loos
    COO en UrMarkeTeam Inc.

    Gerardo es un Ingeniero multifacetico, precupado por el desarrollo de nuevos negocios, tecnologias y aplicaciones. Siempre esta en movimiento para conocer mas y perfeccionarse. Hemos desarrollado algunos proyectos juntos y en otros he estado al tanto de su liderazgo y logros en diferentes empresas y paises. Altamente recomendable como profesional y como amigo.

    May 15, 2012, Jose Miguel worked with Gerardo at Robert Bosch

  5. Filed Engineer

    Dresser Industries

    Miguel Benet Miró
    Miguel Benet Miró
    Técnico Comercial Modelos y Prototipos

    Sigue así Sr. Gerardo , explicando su experiencia y cargando las pilas a los comerciales .

    February 24, 2012, Miguel worked directly with Gerardo at Dresser Industries

  6. Master

    Universidad Nacional de La Plata

    Fernando Griguoli
    Fernando Griguoli
    Sales Manager Latin America en Siegenia Aubi KG

    I first met Gerardo in 1992 when we attended the two-year Master of International Marketing at the University of La Plata. Since then, we keep in touch and have a close friendship. It was a pleasure to study together. He is a person who thinks clearly, is restless and innovative. He is a professional who adds value to every interaction. I highly recommend him, both…more

    December 2, 2011, Fernando studied with Gerardo at Universidad Nacional de La Plata

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6 thoughts on “Reference Letters

  1. “I had the opportunity to work with Gerardo during a period in which we together developed business and trading opportunities. Gerardo is a very bright, commercially driven person. Always eager to find and create great deals. I enjoyed working with him because of his high level of competence, stimulating drive and willingness to share ideas and experience. A great team member which contributes a lot.
    Xavier Prat
    Business Manager
    JEM Industrias Metalurgicas.
    Barcelona, Spain

    Posted by Xavier Prat | January 10, 2010, 7:42 pm
  2. “Gerardo was one of the most efficient and hard-working managers that I ever have had the pleasure to work for. His drive, attention to detail, teaching and motivating skills, and dedication to optimum job performance made for a fulfilling and successful partnership. Gerardo continues to be driven and maintains a positive outlook on any project that he becomes involved with.”
    Mario Lozano
    Sales Technical Support
    JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas
    Barcelona, Spain

    Posted by mario lozano | January 16, 2010, 10:03 am
  3. “Gerardo was one of my colleagues acting in the same area at JEM Industrias Metalurgicas, but for a different business line. He is doing a great job in managing his business line. In a short time he managed to create a well performing branch. Gerardo is a great salesman and can sell anything. He is also keen on providing service to his customers this because he understands their needs. It is truly a pleasure to work with him and I know that I speak on behalf of all of those that are working with Gerardo.”

    Alberto Garnier
    Ex- Sales Area Manager
    JEM Industrias Metalurgicas
    Barcelona, Spain

    Posted by Alberto Garnier | January 18, 2010, 11:19 am
  4. To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Gerardo Rodriguez. His performance working for the Sales Department at JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas as a Sales Manager proves that he is a highly qualified person, valuable for any company. He had always taken great care to reach the goals that had been set for him. His effort deserves appreciation from our organization.”
    Josep Lluis Sole
    Global Commercial Director
    JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas
    Barcelona, Spain

    Posted by Josep Lluis Solé | January 22, 2010, 3:34 pm
  5. Soy soporte comercial de JEM Industrias metalúrgicas desde hace muchos años. Doy soporte técnico a todos los clientes del área española y latinoamericana. En todo este tiempo he reportado a varios Sales Manager pero puedo decir que con Gerardo fue con quien me he sentido más a gusto. Gerardo es un profesional muy organizado, meticuloso, creativo y sobre todo respetuoso, sabe escuchar a la gente. No tengo más que decir que puedo recomendar a Gerardo en cualquier circunstancia con la plena seguridad de no equivocarme.
    Montserrat Llenas
    Soporte Comercial
    JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas
    Barcelona, ESPAÑA

    Posted by Montserrat Llenas | January 22, 2010, 3:41 pm
  6. Como Director Financiero del grupo de empresas JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas he tenido siempre que trabajar coordinadamente con los Sales Manager en relación a temas como cobros, formas de pago, etc. así como previsiones de facturación o liquidaciones de gastos.
    Mi relación con Gerardo fue siempre excelente, así como lo fue su entrega con la empresa. Especialmente he de agradecer la total dedicación respecto al siempre espinoso tema de los clientes impagados, buscando la forma de llevar y resolver los temas hasta el final.
    Desde el punto de vista personal, puedo afirmar que es una gran persona y compañero, en el más amplio sentido de la palabra. Compartir sus experiencias, vivencias en distintos paises y lo aprendido en cada uno de ellos, es siempre algo a celebrar.
    Joan Alvarez
    Director Financiero
    Grupo JEM Industrias Metalúrgicas
    Barcelona, España

    Posted by Juan Alvarez | March 5, 2010, 2:26 pm

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Als VERTRIEBSINGENIEUR habe Ich Erfahrung (mehr als 20 Jahre) in der kontinuierliche, systematische Ausbau der oben genannten lateiamerikanischen Märkte, die Analyse der regionalen Märkte, die Erstellung und Umsetzung einer Marketing- und Vertriebsstrategie, die persönliche Betreuung der Kunden vor Ort sowie die Suche von qualifizierten Partnern (Handelshäuser, Handelsvertreter).


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