1998 – 2003 “Interchanges of experience between European and Mexican municipal governments”

1998 – 2003 Some of my achievements as an entrepreneur in Mexico and Europe: “Interchanges of experience between European and Mexican municipal governments”. Environment, Municipality and Mayors, Training and Workshops, Matchmaking and Networking.

Studying business opportunities in the environment sector in 1998 in Mexico, I came across some lack of knowledge as to which are the most efficient ways of waste handling in Mexican cities.
I aimed to give an answer to this question.
After many interviews with municipal staff and politicians in Mexico, Holland, Luxemborg and Germany, I developed several training programs that could be run in this part of Europe, customized for municipal workers and politicians, most of them Mayors. I wanted to show the municipal people, who were in charge of environmental policies in Mexican cities how the waste was processed in Europe by the municipal authorities and how the policies were implemented.

I was able to carry out these programs successfully. Almost 300 people did this one-week itinerant program over almost 4 years, which I called “Interchanges of experience between European and Mexican municipal governments”.
Because of this success, I also brought Germans to Mexico, prepared different business meetings, worked very hard in matchmaking, gave some conferences and prepared other similar journeys to Quebec and signed several agreements with Mexican Chambers of Commerce like CANACINTRA and COPARMEX.

SKILLS: During this time I gained important experience in several sectors:
Conferences and Teaching: as well as designing each itinerant training course myself, I gave lecture on the subject at several meetings, and even I gave some talks in Mexican Universities.
Turism: Since I was implementing my own idea, I gained important experience in the tourist sector, even as a tourist guide and PR man. From hotel, flights and bus booking to coordination of the diary activities in the one-week stay in Europe, and even in Mexico for the German groups.
Machtmaking and Networking: Since I had been a Hanss Seidel scholarship holder in 1994-1995, I had taken part in frequent workshops thoughout Germany organized by this foundation. I managed to build up in Germany an interesting network of people linked with the environment sector, public administration and politics. Thanks to these contacts, I was able to develop this kind of training and journeys


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Als VERTRIEBSINGENIEUR habe Ich Erfahrung (mehr als 20 Jahre) in der kontinuierliche, systematische Ausbau der oben genannten lateiamerikanischen Märkte, die Analyse der regionalen Märkte, die Erstellung und Umsetzung einer Marketing- und Vertriebsstrategie, die persönliche Betreuung der Kunden vor Ort sowie die Suche von qualifizierten Partnern (Handelshäuser, Handelsvertreter).


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